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A man. A woman. A life sentence. Hope.

July 29, 2011

TAMPA — Debbie Holloman was 16 when she fell for a blue-eyed boy who looked like Vanilla Ice.

By 18, John Curtis Ivey had been to prison and back. He drank a lot, had no place to call home. She went to Brandon High. He wasn’t in school at all. Her family didn’t like the boyfriend she called Curtis, but she saw something special.

Once, he carried her through a field full of stickers.

Once, they watched a baby, and Curtis cleaned up the mess.

But the law notices only bad deeds. And Curtis was a thief.

On Feb. 21, 1992, Debbie saw him get sentenced to life in prison. It was her 18th birthday. She was pregnant.

Their son is now 19.

Debbie is 37. Curtis is 40 and still locked up. They’ve spent years trying to find a way to be together.

They’ve never been this close…

Update: what happened in court

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