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The intersection

May 18, 2011

TAMPA — At the intersection of Himes Avenue and Spruce Street that Friday, they waited in cars at a red light, as they had many mornings before work — the insurance adjustor, a city administrator and a city mechanic.

The mechanic, Eugene Rodriguez, had his 12-year-old son in a Yukon.

In the Mercedes behind him was Delilah Libby, the administrator. As she looked out her car window, a bicyclist caught her eye, a woman in a Fed-Ex uniform, waiting for a crossing signal. Libby saw her helmet, her vest. She saw her push the crossing button. Everything about the bicyclist exuded safety.

Had nothing more happened and Libby continued to work, she might never have remembered that woman. That’s how intersections work; strangers share space with strangers, stopped together in a moving world until a light changes and the connection dissolves.

Unless something goes wrong. Then they’re connected forever…

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