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The swim coach’s secret

January 7, 2011

TAMPA — The girls respected him. Their fathers trusted him.

But behind closed doors at Tampa Preparatory School, swim coach Kimberly Brabson III secretly videotaped nude girls as they tried on bathing suits.

The episode drew in prominent Tampa families who filed lawsuits and fought to pass legislation guaranteeing harsher penalties for voyeurism.

On Thursday, six years after it all began, the criminal portion of the case concluded with a punishment for Brabson:

Five years in jail. Five years of probation. Sex offender treatment, but not a formal designation. He will never teach again.

“The breach of trust, the invasion of privacy that I committed against these young women goes far beyond anything that I can ever truly be sorry for,” said Brabson, 33. “I never meant to hurt anyone.”

But he did…

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